Meme Maker (Mac)

Add text to popular images, or choose your own, share with the world.

Pick from a collection of memes, or provide your own image, edit the text and text properties and share with friends and the internet. Have a custom image, add that too by just dragging.

  • Select or search a meme from a huge collection.
  • Smart searching options ('Star Wars' gives you all of Star Wars and related memes)
  • Editing options like Alignment, Text Size, Text Color, Shadow, Outline Width, and Outline Color.
  • Pinch to change text size; Option drag to move text.
  • Easy adding default text (the title like 'Am I The Only One Around Here', or 'One does not simply', etc; different for top and bottom texts for some)
  • Pick up last edited image instantly.
  • Easy drag and drop save and open support.
  • One click sharing options.
  • Inspirational quotes (on the help page).
  • Really neat UI design. (Yeah it’s neat, okay)
  • Completely free with no ads (and will be that way)
  • No disturbing notifications that irritate the users.

YU NO download this now...